Hi everyone!  My name is Heidi.  I am a full-time wife & mom, part-time physician assistant, and now part-time blogger. Historically, I have never been one for “alternative medicine;” you know, chiropractors, acupuncture…all that hippie stuff ;).  And when it came to western medicine, I was (and really still am) an “only when necessary” kind of girl.  My family thought it was a little weird when I decided to go into the medical field, but I have a passion for helping, healing, and educating people.  I am an advocate for knowing all of your options in all situations.  You always have a choice, and the right one isn’t the same for everyone.

For the last 5 years, I have poured a lot of time and effort into researching cleaner, safer products for my family.  There is so much information out there; it is overwhelming to say the least.  How do you tell what is true and what is fluff?  If you try hard enough, you can find terrifying information on almost any product or ingredient.  Greenwashing, when a company uses words we associate with safety to give the impression a product is cleaner or greener than it actually is, muddies the water even more. 

As wives and mothers, we have so much on our plate already.  Trying to navigate the waters of household toxins and safer options is not something that fits into most of our schedules. 

Not to mention, reading all the “stuff” about products you’ve been using for years is daunting, and anxiety-provoking.  I know this first hand, and I want to help others make better choices without adding to their anxiety.  

Let me use my honed research skills to find the best less toxic options for all budgets!  I hope that the information I provide guides you in determining what is most important for your family to change while keeping you mindful that we CANNOT do it all, nor should we be trying.  Full transparency: I DO NOT DO EVERYTHING I POST HERE NOR DO I USE ALL THE PRODUCTS I LIST HERE.  The goal is to limit our toxic exposure, increase our family time, and improve our quality of life.  

Please follow me for updates regarding blog posts on my Facebook group and/or Instagram. Happy reading!