doTERRA Essential Oil Informational Links

You have probably noticed that I recommend doTERRA essential oils quite frequently in my posts.  I have been using doTERRA oils for a little over 5 years and have done a ton of research on several of the most popular essential oil brands.  I settled on doTERRA because they provide certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils at reasonable prices.  More importantly, I have grown to trust the company. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, when it comes to clean living, a main priority is finding brands you trust.  A lot of the products we discuss on this site are not well regulated, which is why the traditional products have gotten away with such deceitful, toxic ingredient lists.  I trust that doTERRA puts each batch of oils through rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure purity, potency, and consistency! 

I also love that they serve others through their co-impact sourcing.  Many of the farms the oils are obtained from provide a reliable source of income to farmers who were barely making ends meet. 

To prevent long lists in my informational posts, I have decided to list the doTERRA oils/products I recommend here so that you can easily click on any and all items to get a more detailed look at each one.  The linked pages provide information on sourcing, emotional and health benefits, complimentary oils, usage tips, and there is an option to buy at the very bottom if you choose.  

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Ylang Ylang

Oil-Based Products


Here to Help!

If you ever have an issue with an oil you receive, additional questions about oils, or if you want a sample of something, please let me know! If I have it, I am happy to share samples.  Email me at, and I would be happy to help assist you!  I have done extensive research on oils and would love to share my knowledge with you.  Lastly, if you find that you love these oils and products, let me know so that I can send you some info on how you can get your products at a discount!