Product Recommendations

This page serves as a quick reference for all products I have recommended as well as products I use that don’t warrant a post all their own.  Feel free to bookmark it for easy access in the future!  Each category has one or more blog post links where you will find great info regarding that product or topic.  I have also listed all products I recommend within that post just below it.  I have included promo codes I have scored for my readers in parentheses as well.

For many of these products, I have obtained affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when you purchase through my links.  I DO NOT recommend products unless I believe they fit within my safer standards.  Many of the products I use currently myself!  The commissions allow me to continue to spend time researching, sampling, and recommending safer products; so, I very much appreciate your support by shopping through these links!  For Amazon, I get commission on everything you purchase after you click one of my links!  So, if you’re feeling extra supportive, stop here and click an Amazon link (such as OXO or Pyrex under Kitchen) before starting your Amazon shopping spree 😀

Hope you find this page helpful!  I have organized by categories and sub-categories and added color coding to help make it more reader-friendly.  If you have feedback regarding ways I can improve this page, please let me know!


DIY or a great ready to go option – your choice.  I more often choose the latter because I just never get to my DIY list 😬, but the recipe really is super effective and easy.  

Blog Post: The Best All Natural Homemade Deodorant
 DIY Recipes: a stick, a men’s spray, and a pre-DO spray to eliminate welts/irritation

Blog Post:  Safe Effective Deodorant for Real People
      Primally Pure (use Code LoveJesus for 10% off)  – also love their Everything Spray!

Face Cleansers/Regimens
My two brand recommendations for skincare regimens are doTERRA’s Verage line, and any of the Beautycounter collections.

Blog Post: Best Skin Regimen – Less Toxic, High Performing
     BeautyCounter: CounterTime, CounterMatch, or CounterControl
.    doTERRA Verage (post to come for this 100% plant-based, highly effective facial regimen)


4 great options – more important for ladies who wear foundation daily

Blog Post:  What Is the Best Non-Toxic Foundation
     Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Crème Foundation

     Beauty Counter Dew Skin
     Beauty Counter Skin Twin (brand new, will update post soon)
     W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation
  100% Pure Cosmetics


One of my absolute favorite items in my kitchen!  I have to have a straw, and these glass straws are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and budget-friendly!

Blog Post: Glass Straws for Drinking
      Stainless Steel Straws (not in post but these are sometimes better for lids w/ small openings)

Top priority for less toxic living, especially if you’re currently using non-sick cookware.  Stainless, cast-iron, and stoneware are where it’s at for decreasing toxicity in a kitchen staple!

Blog Post: What is the Safest Cookware Material?  Does It Even Exist?
     OXO Casserole Dish w/ Lid
     Pyrex Casserole Set w/ Lids & Thermal Carrier
     Anchor Hocking
     Calphalon 10-piece Set
     Lodge Cast-Iron
     Pampered Chef Unglazed Stoneware

Misc. Kitchen “Stuff”
Random kitchen must-haves that don’t require their own post but are less toxic than their mainstream counterparts.

Unbleached Parchment  (particularly if you’re not using stoneware sheet pans)
Pyrex Measuring Cup Set
Borsiclicate Glass 64 oz. Pitcher w/ Stainless Fruit Infuser/Loose Tea Infuser Lid (this pitcher has it all!)
Pyrex Glass Storage Container Set w/ Lids


Coming Soon



Pest Control
Easy, CHEAP, and VERY effective.  Read the post to learn all the tips and tricks!

Blog Post: How To Do My Own Pest Control with Non-Toxic Insecticides
 .    Food-grade Diatomacous Earth (the one I use)
.     Crawling Insect DE (registered with the EPA, read post if you’re confused)
   Dr. Killigan’s Insect Buster (my favorite applicator)
   Harris DE Powder Duster w/ Extension (cheaper version of Killigan’s that has good reviews)

Indoor Plants
Decorative and air-purifying, what more can you ask for?  Plants have tremendous health benefits!

Blog Post: Decorate with House Plants that Purify Your Air
Refer to blog post for a list of the most beneficial indoor plants.  

Fly Gun
SUPER fun, completely non-toxic way to get rid of those pesky flies that make their way into your home.  Makes a great gift too!  Check out the post for a video of the salt-gun in action. 

Blog Post: How Do I Get Rid of Flies in My House?  It’s Non-Toxic, Effective, and Fun
     Bug-A-Salt Insect Eradication Gun

Laundry Room

Laundry Detergents
I have used all of these at some point in my life and love them all.  Currently I keep one of the powders on hand for single quick cold loads and use the Soap Nuts anytime I get a hot load in first to activate them.  

Blog Post:  Best Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent
    Molly’s Suds
    NaturOil Soap Nuts  (or click HERE to buy in bulk)
    Eco-Me Liquid Laundry Detergent  (if you prefer liquid)
    Nellie’s Laundry Detergent

Fabric Softeners
PLEASE throw away your liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets today!! I don’t like to cause anxiety, but I am ok with pushing this one because the alternative is CHEAPER, effective, and will eliminate so many toxins with just these two products!

Blog Post: Non-Toxic Fabric Softener Alternatives
    Organic 6 XL Dryer Ball Set – basic starter set

    Fun Dryer Ball Sets: 
         6-piece Dino Set
         PenguinsKoalassheep, or pandas (6-piece Friendsheep Sets (made in Nepal))
        doTERRA Essential Oils for Scent (see post above for recommended oils for dryer)

Miscellaneous & Gifts

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Protect your eyes from the negative effects of screen-use and/or promote better sleep through normalizing your melatonin circadian cycle.  

Blog Post: What is the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses?
    Felix Gray (the superior choice, especially for sleep glasses)
    DIFF Eyewear (budget friendly screentime glasses; do not recommend these for improved sleep)
.   SomniLight (blue blockers for night shift workers)

Weighted Blankets

LOVE my weighted blanket!  These help ease anxious minds to promote better sleep.

Blog Post: Have You Tried Weighted Blankets for Anxiety
    Mosaic Weighted Blankets (made in USA, organic option, the one I’ll buy when I need to replace mine)

    Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover (best glass bead filled based on reviews)
    YnM Weighted Blanket w/ Glass Beads (best blanket on a budget)

Gift Boxes

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on coming.  A box for every hobby/interest!

.    Cratejoy

1000 Generations Book

One of my favorite books for documenting your family’s testimony in a way that can be passed down to generations to come. It is a beautifully made, well-thought out book that would make a great gift for any occasion.  

Blog Post: 1000 Generations Book: A Documented Faith
    1000 Generations Book  (Use code LoveJesus10 for 10% off)