Healthy Living at Home: detox your home for free

One of the common myths about detoxing your home is that it is pricey; however,  not everything comes with a high price tag.  In fact, there are lots of things everyone could (and should) be doing that won’t cost you a penny more.  In some cases, these things might actually save you money and/or time!   So let’s dive into healthy living at home, the free version 🙂

  1. SHOES OFFstudies have proven that our shoes are disgusting! Shocker!
    • 40% of shoes carry the bacteria Clostridium difficile, and the majority of sterilized shoes picked up e. Coli after one walk outside.
    • 421,000 units of bacteria were found on one shoe, which can lead to various ailments 
    • Aside from bacteria, your shoes will also bring in toxins from pesticides, asphalt roads, gasoline etc. These can circulate in your house through dust, and these are the very things we are trying to decrease!
    • Carpet holds the bacteria & toxins more than other floor types
    • Other perks: sweep & mop less (time saver!), minimizes freak out sessions when your kid licks the floor 😝, lengthen the life of your floors
    • If you can’t do this, place door mats in front of every door and use them!
  2. STOP using DRYER SHEETSyou might be thinking, well this costs something because I have to replace them.  Wrong, I’d rather you not use a softener than use these sheets of toxicity!
    • If you do want to replace them, use dryer balls +/- essential oils if you want some aromatherapy on your clothes.  See THIS POST for a run-down on wool dryer balls.
  3. STOP using FABRIC SOFTENER in the Washer
    • Use vinegar instead – weird, I know, but it works.  See THIS POST for more information on using vinegar as a liquid fabric softener.
  4. OPEN WINDOWS Dailycirculate your air often!
    • Modern houses are so well-insulated to keep the harsh temperatures outside, which is good, but it also keeps the bad stuff (VOCs, airborne viruses/molds) inside.
  5. Indoor PLANTS
    • Plants naturally clean the air by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and by removing toxins. 
    • Did you know that plants can clear some of the harshest volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde & benzene from the air?  It’s always these tiny details that remind me of God’s wisdom & goodness
    • They also increase humidity, reducing respiratory distress. 
    • See THIS POST all about the best indoor plants, where to put them, and how to care for them.  I have a black thumb so luckily most of the indoor plants are low maintenance.
  6. CLEAN up any MOLD you see growingcheck bathrooms as they tend to hold moisture
  7. AIR-OUT & SUN Dry-Cleaned Clothes & New Stuff
    • Did you know that sun & fresh air can eliminate toxins in new clothes and in clothes that have been washed in conventional detergents?  Tip – turn inside out to reduce fading.
  8. DISCONTINUE your PEST CONTROL service and SWITCH TO DIATOMACEOUS EARTH  (click for details on using DE as a pest control) – this one actually saves you a ton of $.  
  9. Set your phone to “AIRPLANE MODE” while sleeping
    • Get grounded while you sleep!
  10. DUST/VACUUM often to get rid of the not-so-cute bunnies that attract & trap toxins
    • Vacuum your mattress & furniture too! And, don’t forget the fans!
              • *Robot vacuums are my personal favorite😜 although definitely not free…


There are lots of great ways to minimize your toxic load and practice healthy living at home!  Challenge yourself to identify at least 5 things on this list you and your family could do; then, implement one a week.  You CAN do this!  This is a great place to start if the budget is a common deterrent for leading a cleaner lifestyle.  Comment below with the things you plan to start doing in your home, or things you are already doing!

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